Woodcarver’s Corner

carving spoon
The Washington County Library system is a great resource for carvers of all skill levels

A woman carves a kuksa

“The Washington County Library system has a growing collection of green-wood carving and hand-tool maintenance books. A number of these resources are often referenced in our carving classes, so getting them from the library is a great way to supplement your learning.

“If you are new to carving, we highly recommend checking out some of these classic texts. The internet is full of resources, for sure, but there is something about learning from a tangible resource that can help you focus on cultivating your carving skills. There are plenty of ideas for the seasoned carver as well. Reading can help spark connections to memories and techniques you haven’t thought of in a while, and also give you a creative boost!”

Written by woodcarver and library worker Kara. Thank you, Kara!

Spoon: A guide to spoon carving and the new wood culture

Swedish Carving Techniques

Celebrating Birch: The lore, art, and craft of an ancient tree

Woodcraft: Master the art of green woodworking with key techniques and inspiring projects

The Forest Woodworker: A step-by-step guide to working with green wood

Mastering Hand Tool Techniques: A comprehensive guide on how to sharpen, tuen and use classic hand tools to add power to your woodworking

Sharpening: A woodworker’s guide

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