Meg Stump

Margaret Stump is a prolific pin loom weaver and the author of three books on pin loom weaving: Pin Loom Weaving; 40 Projects for Tiny Hand Looms, Pin Loom Weaving To Go; 30 Projects for Portable Weaving, and Adorable Beasts; 30 Pin Loom Woven Animals & 4 Playscapes. Margaret has contributed over forty creative projects  to weaving magazines including Handwoven, Interweave Press Easy Weaving with Little Looms and Yarn AU.  She has been a pin loom weaver ever since her mother brought home two pin looms when she was 10 which was a long time ago. Over the years she has woven a few really ugly cushion tops, a bunch of blankets that she is very proud of and too many hangings, scarves, soft boxes, pouches, soft sculptures and purses to count. Margaret’s favorite occupation is introducing and teaching pin loom weaving. You can find information and pin loom weaving information at her website:

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