Dog Days of Summer


While many think the ‘dog days of summer’ refers to the heat of the summer, turns out the phrase has been traced to ancient Greeks and Romans and the dog star Sirius, which rises just before the sun in late July to August, at least in the northern hemisphere. Who knew? Photo Credit: Matt Jones on Unsplash As we…

Photo Contest: Dog Days of Summer


Young students of Carl Wegener’s Digital Photography classes this spring and summer have taken some wonderful pictures of their dogs and other animals, here are some examples. Got a favorite picture of your dog? Send it in for the chance to win a free class at Marine Mills Folk School! Submit to info@MarineMillsFolkSchool or via Instagram@MarineMillsFolkSchool by August…

We’re Moving!


We’re excited to announce that beginning in September, we’ll be offering classes at the former Marine Elementary School building in Marine on St. Croix. This new location will allow us to expand our class offerings, as well as try some multiple-day classes, and perhaps some evening classes. We’ve appreciated the support and encouragement from River…

Meet An Instructor: Anna Lowenthal Walsh


Anna is a ‘let’s do it’ kind of person who is never afraid to try something new and sees imperfections as interesting, not as failures! A transplant from California, she has been busy raising a family and working on her art after moving to Minnesota with her husband 15 years ago. She’ll be teaching the…

To Infinity, and Beyond


Revisiting the details of the moon landing over the past few weeks has been fascinating for many of us, it’s a story that continues to grab our imaginations. The anniversary has passed but the bravery, effort and focus of those involved continues to resonate. Admittedly there are aspects of that story and history which do…

Expanded Class Offerings


We’re branching out in some new directions for ‘traditional’ skills this upcoming fall. Here are some classes you may have missed. September 14 Book Binding with Theresa AngeloCreate a tool for your own journaling – a hand stitched journal , using one of the oldest methods of book binding. Your one-of-a-kind journal will help you commit…

Other Local News


Our friends at Big River Farms/The Food Group MN are hosting a talk by the Butterfly Lady, Janie O’Connor, this upcoming Saturday, July 27. She’ll be discussing the lifecycle of monarch butterflies as well as demonstrating how you can grow monarchs at home.  Free for kids 12 and under, find more information here.

Meet Volunteer Matt Smith


Matt feels fortunate to be able to live in the home his great-grandfather built, having returned to the Marine area with his wife to raise a family after early career opportunities took him out of the state. Growing up in a tradition of community volunteering, Matt volunteers to give back and because he enjoys being…

Ask Ms. Makers


Got a tough question about crafting or other life issues? Ms. Makers will do her best to provide timely and helpful advice, send in your questions today! Ms. Makers: My husband and I made the decision to raise our children to use Metric tools and measurements. Unfortunately, my in-laws are diehard Imperial users and refuse…

Reduce Stress, Improve Creativity


What’s between a vacation and a stay-cation?  A wegay-tion:WeekEnd Get AwaY Vacation! Ok, so it doesn’t rhyme as well but you get the concept – low bother, lower budget, and less time investment, but still some time away from your usual, often busy, life.  Do you sometimes find that getting away for a weekend ‘charges your batteries,’ and…