Meagan O’Brien Moody

Meagan Moody

Meagan’s love of plants began early and has only deepened over the years. Meagan’s particular plant passions include home food crops, succulents, herbs, and edible flowers. She also loves sharing her love of the natural world and has been teaching life sciences in Saint Paul Public Schools for more than a decade. She holds a BS in Horticulture, and a master’s in education, from the University of Minnesota. Providing thoughtfully structured, hands-on learning opportunities for folks to expand their knowledge and skills is one of Meagan’s greatest joys.

She is fortunate to share a small house with her crafty husband Phil, their dog, cat, corn snake, and 150+ house plants. When she’s not teaching, she’s a whirlwind of ADHD fueled activity including gardening, plant propagation, pottery, knitting, quilting, reading, cooking, travel, felting, birch bark weaving, soap and candle making. She also loves napping.

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