Heidi Skoog

Heidi Skoog is the proprietor of Serious Jam. After nearly two decades as an award-winning  florist, she swapped blooms for an apron to pursue her passion for food. A self-taught jam maker, Heidi combines traditional methods and a flair for experimenting with flavor  combinations and unusual ingredients. The result is a well-balanced, vibrant preserve that has a  lot of love and story in every jar. Unexpected flavor combinations, such as Blueberry Bourbon  Sage, Chai Spiced Pear BuWer, and Meyer Lemon Earl Grey Marmalade have put Serious Jam on  the culinary map. 

In addition to being serious about jam, Heidi is equally committed to teaching others to  preserve the harvest, using food and herbs to heal, and testing her theories of kitchen-witchery  on her super swell husband Kern and eager friends. Heidi and Kern can often be found slinging  jam at farmer’s markets together. They live surrounded by meaningful, hand-chosen objects  from their adventures around the globe.