Suminagashi and Bookbinding (In-Person) November 5, 2022

Nov 05, 2022 10:00AM—1:00PM


Marine Mills Folk School 550 Pine St. , MN 55047

Cost $65.00



Suminagashi means “floating ink” and that’s exactly what you’ll do in this paper marbling class. Ink drops are floated on water, and as the moving air or slight movements cause the ink drops to spread and swirl, we will capture the patterns on paper dropped over the water surface. Next we will create a simple bookbinding project that utilizes the papers created. There will be plenty left over for making cards and other projects.

All supplies will be provided by your instructor.

Students to bring: snacks and/ or bag lunch if needed

Marine Mills Folk School, 550 Pine St. Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota 55047

Cost Details
Tuition: $65
Materials Fee: $10