Beginning Crop Art (In-Person) February 25, 2023

Feb 25, 2023 9:00AM—12:00PM


Marine Mills Folk School 550 Pine Street Marine on St Croix, MN 55047

Cost $80.00

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Is Crop Art the first exhibit you race to at the Minnesota State Fair every year? Then this is the class for you!

Typically incorporating a variety of seeds, grains, and other natural materials, crop art has been described as the “collision of art and agriculture.”  Is crop art ‘kitsch’ or ‘art’ or somewhere in between? You decide, as you join the fun and create your own design. Did you know the Minnesota State Fair is the only state fair with a crop art exhibit? This could be the start of a new direction in art for our participants!

Students will learn the basics of crop art, including what seeds to use and where to buy them, how to transfer an image, and how to attach and adhere the seeds to pre-primed panels. In addition, students will learn the history of Crop Art at the Minnesota Fair and how you can enter a piece at the fair!  Students will leave with a 7.5-inch square item of crop art they’ve created (and the material to finish the piece if time does not allow), a seed legend, and the knowledge to create their own crop art masterpieces. If desired, students can bring their own image to use as inspiration for their crop art piece.

Students are asked to bring the following materials:

  • eye glasses if needed for close work

Age Requirement
Students ages 18 and older are welcome to attend this class.

Skill Level:  
No experience needed

Location Details:
Marine Mills Folk School
550 Pine St., Marine on St. Croix, MN 55047

Cost Details
Tuition: $60
Materials Fee: $20
Total Cost: $80

NOTE:  Be aware we may cancel class if a minimum number of registrations is not reached. We work to balance a teacher’s need to plan for a class with students’ busy schedules — not an easy task. Please register as early as possible!