Online: Beginner++ Travel Sketching


Learn to draw and get more out of traveling!  ‘Moment sketching’ is capturing the moment, expressing how you feel about what you are observing and sketching.  It’s the perfect approach for traveling, as it will help you become more observant and expand your traveling experience. A wise man once said the only way to learn…

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Online: Creating & Improving Cell Phone Videos – Part 2 Editing


This class is designed for beginner cell phone filmmakers. Learn simple techniques to improve the quality of your cell phone video editing. These days, creating a lasting memory can be as easy as pulling a cell phone out of your pocket. Using the video recording function on your cell phones, it has never been easier…

Online: Beginning Crop Art


Is Crop Art the first exhibit you race to at the Minnesota State Fair every year?  If you do then this is the class for you!  Typically incorporating a variety of seeds, grains and other natural materials, crop art has been described as the ‘collision of art and agriculture’.  Is crop art ‘kitsch’ or ‘art’…