Create a Memory Bear!

Turn a loved one’s favorite article of clothing into a one-of-a-kind keepsake.  A special shirt, dress, uniform, sweatshirt or even jeans can be transformed into a wonderful, fully jointed, squeeze-able bear.  New baby due in the family? Want to honor a beloved family member? Capture family memories in a stuffed bear that will be treasured…


Knitting: Intro to Cables!

In this amazing class, you will learn the skills of learning cables, learning to knit on double-pointed needles (it's not as hard as you think it is!) and learning to read patterns and charts.   Quick Knit Mitts - Simple, soft, and warm mitts to jazz up your winter (and leave your fingers free for texting...or…


Intro to Boro Fabrics

Boro –a Japanese word meaning “broken:  an aesthetic that is based on fabric or garments that have been heavily used, tattered, and repaired using various darning techniques. Boro cloth lends itself to several trending movements such as sustainability (upcycle, recycle, circular design); visible mending (sashiko stitching, slow stitching) and mindfulness, as people have become interested…


Drum Making

Leap Day is a sacred day in many cultures.  To make the best use of the energy of Leap Day 2020, try bringing awareness to something new that you wish to explore your own life, like making something beautiful by hand!  Wayne Manthey is a nationally known drum maker and teacher of drum making.  His…


Needle Felted Chickadee

In this fast-paced class, students will learn techniques for needle felting a beautiful, three-dimensional, lifelike bird from Corriedale wool roving and felting fine detail using merino prefelt and merino roving.  Participants will learn needle felting basics and techniques to needle felt details and realism in wool. Unique finishing details will render a hanging bird ornament.…


Build a Wooden Paddle

If you have not been able to take this class yet - now is your chance!  Limited space available! Build your own bent shaft canoe paddle. Students will learn about wood selection and grains, use of hand tools and skill saw, paddle design and considerations, and paddle sizing.  Each student will leave with a completed…


See New Online Classes! In-Person Classes Suspended thru 12/31

We miss you!  We've recently begun to offer online classes with your favorite artist-instructors as well as some other instructors who we have reached out to, to join this effort.  Please review our 'Upcoming Classes' page to find a class and join us, virtually. MMFS is committed to providing a safe environment for learning, and…

Online: Make your own Beeswax Food Wraps!


Join Cara Corey for this online Beeswax Food Wrap class on Saturday, October 24th! Why make your own food wrap?  Beeswax food wrap is made from materials you can feel good about!  Another advantage? It’s reusable! Once you’re done with your wrap, just wash it with gentle soap and cool water (hot water can melt…


Online: French Wine Tasting


  Pack your virtual bags and travel to France with sommelier Lisa Priest! Sip along as we taste and learn our way through the world’s most important wine-producing country. With its rich history, we will begin by covering the top eight regions of France and explore what makes them so unique. We will also learn…


Online: Saami-Inspired Bracelet Making


The cost of the class materials are included in the class cost. Want to try a colorful variation of a Saami Inspired bracelet? Christmas is coming......make a beautiful, unique gift for someone special!  Or, have you started a bracelet and haven't taken the time to sew your braid to the usual strip of reindeer hide?…


Online: Beginning Crop Art


Is Crop Art the first exhibit you race to at the Minnesota State Fair every year?  If you do then this is the class for you!  Typically incorporating a variety of seeds, grains and other natural materials, crop art has been described as the ‘collision of art and agriculture’.  Is crop art ‘kitsch’ or ‘art’…


Online: Leather Kit Workshop


This class takes place over two sessions.  One will be on Thursday, November 19 and the other will be Thursday, December 3, 2020. Come join our master leather-maker, Dan Horan of Merchant Leather, as you make the perfect gift for a loved one or a little something for yourself. You can choose the project and…


Online: Create a Barn (Hex) Sign


Barn signs or ‘hex signs’ are mostly known today for their decorative purposes, but some believe they were painted by Pennsylvania Dutch farmers to ward off evil spirits or storms, or to bestow blessings and protections on the farm family.  Using bright colors and often incorporating a star pattern, these beautiful designs were originally found…


Online: Bundle Dyeing with Plant-Based Dyes


Have you wanted to try plant-based dyeing but didn't know where to begin? Bundle dyeing, the practice of enclosing and steaming plants in textiles to extract pigment, is a great place to start! In this online class you will learn about the what, why and how of plant-based dyes before trying it out on a…


Online: 2021 Vision Board


Back by popular demand!  One of our best classes of 2020 is now happening in 2021.  Don't miss this. Envision your best year yet! It's time to leave 2020 behind, thank goodness. Be intentional and get the most out of your time and energy!  Join local professional coach Jen Bertsch for a mini-vision board workshop. …


Online: Needlefelt a Sheep!


Needle felting is fun!  Learn to transform hand-dyed wool from the instructor’s flock of sheep into your very own adorable sheep.  We will mail you the materials ahead of time, then Laura will take you step-by-step through the process via Zoom.  No previous experience is necessary.  The materials kit comes with enough wool to make…


Online: Plochet a Basket (Crochet with Plastic Bags)


  Plastic bags.  Everyone has a stash of them.  Turn yours into something beautiful!  Plastic grocery bags are not always recyclable. A better alternative is to upcycle them into stylish and practical items you can use around the home. Join Cara Corey, a maker on a mission to lessen waste and have fun doing it. …


Online: Beermaking Basics!


If you’ve ever dreamed of making your own beer or wine at home, but you weren’t sure what was involved or where to start, this is the class for you! In this demonstration class we’ll cover the process, the equipment, time and expense (and cost savings!). Peter has been home brewing his own beer for…


Online: Introduction to How to Carve a Scandinavian Spoon


This is an introductory online spoon carving class and Q & A session.  With a combination of photos, discussions and live demonstration, Erik and Michelle will share how they became interested in carving, and the history of Scandinavian wood carving.  They also will share many different items they have carved.  Although students will not carve…


Online: Visible Mending


Tackle that pile of clothing in need of mending and join folks around the world doing their part to minimize waste as they maintain their clothing -- making those favorite pants or top usable for many years! Visible mending combines the functionality and creativity of patches and stitching to give clothing new life while placing…