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XCL Online: Welcome Back Birds! Who are you and what do you want to eat?


Cathy Olyphant


Date & Time: June 5, 2021 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Class Fee: $27.00
Class fee includes cost of material for this class, if provided.

Skill Level: Beginner



After a tiring long trip, don’t you love to relax, snack and sip an adult beverage?  

So do all those beautiful migrating birds that return north in the spring! 

Join birder extraordinaire Cathy Olyphant for a spring primer on expected arrival dates, food choices, and the nesting habits of those hard-working migrants who are arriving from points south….some from as far away as Central and South America, others from the southern US states. 

Cathy will also share pictures and tips on how to identify these welcome ‘snow birds’ upon their arrival back to the northland.  

Bring your questions about birds – what bird was that, what food is best, what should I plant to attract more migrating birds – and join a lively discussion with Cathy and other class participants.  

***(Note: our classes are online at this time via Zoom, not in person—a link will be sent prior to the class.)

Materials students will need to have on-hand to fully participate: 

  • Pen and paper to take notes
  • Questions!
  • Cathy recommends these books by Douglas Tallamy, Bringing Nature Home and Nature’s Best Hope. They are not required, but may be of interest as a resource for the future   

Online Class General Information:

  • Each registration is for one “device” (one computer, tablet, phone).  This is to ensure we don’t have more people registered than the instructor is comfortable with having in a class.  Please be respectful of this guideline and purchase multiple class spots if more than one person from your household is interested in attending.
  • You will need a reliable Internet connection as well as a computer or device with which to access the online class.  Please arrive 10 minutes before class begins, to ensure your connection and device are ready when the class begins.  
  • Each class will be held using Zoom technology.  You will receive a link and a password and information on how to log on,  prior to the class.  You will be able to view and ask questions during the class.

General Age Policy:
All classes are for adults (18+) unless otherwise noted.

Class Minimums:
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