Lanae Rhoads

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Hello, I am Lanae Rhoads, the owner of Mix Cosmetiques and a maker of all things. Soap, skincare, lotions, makeup, or anything to do with caring for your skin naturally is my passion. I started making skincare (soaps and lotions) in 2005 after I had been fighting with my skin for years. A friend gave me some handmade, goat’s milk soap from a farmer’s market and it changed my life. Within a week my skin was cleared up and within a couple of months I thought, “If they can make it so can I”. I was off and running and haven’t slowed down since. If you can imagine a cosmetic or body care product I probably make it or am in the process of trying to make it.

As much as I love using raw ingredients (and most of my products contain organic, raw, local, edible ingredients) I also appreciate the benefit that a little bit of chemistry can bring to the party. I make emulsified lotions that contain preservatives carefully chosen for their efficacy and their gentleness. I use emulsifiers that come from non-gmo sugar and canola oil. I use olive oil isolates to get the best result for the product I am creating and for the customer I am creating for. I love what I do and I love teaching others how to do it for themselves.