Botanical Printing on Silk (In-Person)


Instructor:   Diane Gamm

Date & Time:   June 11, 2022 @ 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Total Cost:  $95.00

Skill Level:   No Experience Needed

NOTE:   Be aware we may cancel class if a minimum number of registrations is not reached. We work to balance teachers’ need to plan for a class with students’ busy schedules — not an easy task. Please register as early as possible!

Botanical or eco printing is a direct contact printing technique. Dyes, pigments and tannins in leaves are transferred to paper or cloth with prolonged high heat to create prints. Flowers, bark, roots, and berries can also be used. No paints, inks or external dyes are needed to create these beautiful monoprints.

One of the rewarding aspects of botanical printing is experimenting with local leaves. Not all leaves print!  In this introductory class we will first create silk samplers to test leaves you bring from home or forage on-site. Some leaves that print reliably will also be provided. You’ll learn how to prepare pre-mordanted silk and how to bundle it with leaves for the steamer to get good, clear prints. As our bundled samplers heat, we’ll discuss procedures in more depth. After lunch we’ll open our samplers and review results. Building on what you’ve learned, you’ll then use your favorite leaves to bundle up a silk scarf.  As they steam, we’ll look at some examples and take time for Q&A, before the always exciting “reveal”!

Students should bring:  Bag lunch and/or snacks, scissors, permanent marker. Optional: garden shears, leaves from home, notebook, camera/phone, apron, rubber/vinyl gloves. Dress for a brief walk outside.

Location Details
Marine Mills Folk School, 550 Pine St. Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota 55047

Cost Details
Tuition: $70
Materials Fee: $25.

Cost Details
Tuition:   $70.00
Material Fee:   $25.00