Traditional Somali Finger Weaving (In-Person)

Instructor:  Somali Museum Artists

Date & Time:   June 11, 2022 @ 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

Total Cost:  $65.00

Skill Level:   No Experience Needed

NOTE:   Be aware we may cancel class if a minimum number of registrations is not reached. We work to balance teachers’ need to plan for a class with students’ busy schedules — not an easy task. Please register as early as possible!

Without any loom or frame, Somali nomads use traditional finger weaving techniques to make floor mats for their homes and other uses.

This class provides you a wonderful opportunity to work with 4 Somali-heritage artists (referred to using the honorific 'grandmothers') for hands-on, authentic finger weaving! You’ll find the process is absorbing and meditative, plus hear stories and learn about the Somali culture as you make a beautiful weaving to take home (you may need to finish outside of the class, but you’ll have the skills to do so!).

Please register early so the grandmothers can make their plans, or as your grandmother would say "Chop Chop"!

This class will be taught by Minneapolis weavers, and grandmothers, from the Somali Museum of Minnesota. The class is suitable for Somali and non-Somali students. Interested to see more examples of Somali finger-weaving and explore their culture? Be sure to watch this video Somali Ayeeyos Make Woven Art Without Tools and visit the Somali Museum of Minnesota.

Students to bring: Mask, beverage and snacks

Class Notice:  We'll send you a reminder with specific details about your class a couple of days before the event date.