DIY…..Among Friends

Feel the satisfaction of creating and challenging yourself, in a supportive learning environment with others who are on the same journey!  Advance your needle felting skills or learn how to grow fresh microgreens during our Midwestern winter.  Or learn how to craft your own Elderberry Syrup, or acquavit cocktail (online)! Get ready for your next Boundary Waters trip as you Build Your Own Wooden Paddle.  If woodworking is your interest, dive into our Spoon Carving weekend.  Learn how to make authentic Risotto (online) and then eat it for dinner with friends from across the Twin Cities, or the country!  Or sit back and join geologist Jim Miller with a fascinating lecture about the Geology of the St. Croix Valley (online), perfect for a winter’s evening.

Join our community of learners, we’re excited to see you soon.