Mental Health and Healing

We’re stating the obvious: living through a pandemic is affecting the mental health of all of us.  Your neighbor, the check-out person, your irritating Uncle Harry, the person in the car that just cut you off. No matter what your role is professionally and at home, there is a constant level of stress, sometimes front and center, sometimes humming along in the background.

Be kind. Take time every day and unwind, doing something you enjoy. Connect with others. Laugh. When you search for how to cope with Covid-19, this advice comes up again and again, from a variety of sources.

Marine Mills Folk School was started to create connections between artists and learners, between different people who share an interest in crafts, between traditional skills knowledge and hands-on learning. We’ve found that people often attend a class for a transactional reason – to learn a skill and bring home a product.  But they leave with so much more. They’ve connected with new and interesting people, formed new friendships or strengthened existing ones, felt pride at what they’ve accomplished, even if they’ve experienced a bit of a struggle.  As we work our way through the pandemic, those are exactly the reasons the folk school is even more important and provides what we see as an opportunity for healing – connections, hands-on learning where you can escape for a few hours or a few days, laughter, community.

Take care of yourself during this holiday season and beyond. And take advantage of the support, community, and hands-on learning that happens just down the road at Marine Mills Folk School.  We can’t wait to see you!

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