Giving Thanks Every Day

There’s no question, it’s been another challenging year. We’re thankful for the help we receive every day from grocery and other store employees, teachers, health care workers, garbage haulers – everyone who has to show up at work every day.  Thank you every day.

Thank you to our artisan instructors, supporters and you – together our community of creators are making a difference in the lives of all of us.  Joy, friendship, laughter – together. Come join us for hands-on learning where you’ll take home a beautiful product and meet new friends. We’re got a few spaces in Botanical Print JournalKnit a Cozy Chunky Blanket and Traditional Spoon Carving. Online and in your own living room: Paper CuttingNeedle Felt a SantaCooking Class featuring Argentine Empanadas. Give thanks and have some fun!

cover photo credit: Mick Haupt on unsplash