Embracing Mistakes

Many of us take pride in being an expert in our professional or at-home lives – knowing how to navigate organizational systems, having the answer to a problem at our fingertips, being the person people look to for answers. We like and are comfortable in that role.

What happens when you take a class about which you have no knowledge, or a more advanced class that challenges you? There’s a good chance you’ll experience frustration, you may feel ‘stupid’ that you are not picking up the skill as quickly as you ‘should,’ and you’ll make mistakes. That’s ok!

Stick with the learning process! You may be uncomfortable, and at some level you may sense that your definition of yourself is at risk, that you are not as competent as you think you are. Dare to be vulnerable. The work required in attempting to learn or advance a skill is worth the effort, and your sense of accomplishment will give you both satisfaction and happiness.

Sound like a lot to expect out of a session at MMFS? Try it! Sign up for a class, push yourself to try something new, use your head and hands in ways you never have before —  there isn’t a more supportive environment than MMFS. You’ll have the opportunity to fail, try again, perhaps fail again, but gain much in terms of personal growth, empathy, creativity and an appreciation for the beauty and skill of traditional arts and crafts. Don’t ‘fail’ to sign up for a class you’ve always thought about taking – you’ll be glad you did!

cover photo credit: Headway on unsplash.com