Featured Class: SAORI Weaving with Chiaki O’Brien

We’re guessing you’re aware of weaver Chiaki O’Brien, or have seen her featured on public television. She is remarkably generous, sharing her talent with learners of all abilities.  We are extremely honored to be featuring a class with Chiaki on October 16.  She’ll be introducing Saori weaving, a contemporary hand-weaving technique.  The Japanese woman who developed the technique (Misao Jo) named it by combining two Zen words ‘SAI’ meaning everything has its own individual dignity and ‘ORI’ meaning weaving.  This style is free from traditional weaving concepts and rules, and the weaver is encouraged to express oneself freely (curiousweaver.id.au).  Chiaki’s calm, thoughtful approach is beloved by many, we hope you’ll be able to join her for this wonderful opportunity to learn Saori weaving from this gifted instructor.  Register today, we expect this class to sell out.

Cover photo credit: curiousweaver.id.au