Bask in the Autumn Sun

Kids are back in school, fall sports have started, make time for you by unleashing your creativity!  Express yourself by making a Memory Cloth Book (online) with Emma, have fun in the kitchen with online Blue Cheese Making, get ready for cozy meals next to the fire with Sourdough Baking with Bryce and Ross or how about an online exploration of Traditional Italian Sausage Making? Create a needed escape for yourself, through hands-on learning with MMFS!


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 Speaking of exploration and cold weather, Peta Barrett is coming from Ely to lead a 2-day workshop on making Ojibwe-style traditional snowshoes.  Chances are, she’ll just be back from some adventure, with a great story or three to share.  While modern snowshoes may have a better p.r. department, these traditional Native American-style snowshoes are about the same weight and actually better at handling deep snow than more recent designs with modern materials.  Plus, they’ll be fitted to you specifically, made by you with care, and they are just the thing to bring the north woods direct to your living room!  You must register by October 1, include your height and weight so the correct materials arrive in time for the class.

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