Featured: Build Your Own Snowshoes with Wilderness Guide Peta Barrett

Join us for this special class with our special instructor, Peta Barrett.  Snowshoes have been used by northern indigenous people for thousands of years. Traditional snowshoes are arguably better for off-track snowshoeing, as their design often ‘floats’ better in deep snow, allowing the user to break trail with less effort.  Plus their romantic look harkens us all to the Northwoods, inspiring dreams of traveling across the tundra. Join Peta for a fascinating weekend that combines making your own personal Ojibwe-style snowshoes with stories of exploration.  Each registrant will supply their height and weight prior to the class to receive an individualized snowshoe kit. 
Peta turned her life-long interest in the outdoors into a premier wilderness guiding company and has been sharing her passion and skills through Women’s Wilderness Discovery out of Ely. We’re excited to welcome her to her first class at Marine Mills Folk School!  The deadline for registration for this class is October 1, to ensure delivery of the snowshoe materials.  Register here for this 2-day October 16- 17 class with Peta Barrett.

cover photo credit: seekingthewildwithin.com