Staying Safe

Golly it’s been terrific this summer to see enthusiastic learners working together and with our artist-instructors. We say it so often it sounds trite, but we mean it: we’ll never take the simple pleasure of sharing a class together for granted.  Ever.

Our classes have been outside, but as the temperatures cool, we’re anticipating a return to inside classes.  We’ll continue to follow CDC and Minnesota Covid-19 guidelines as we work to keep our instructors, students and volunteers safe.

Our approach is conservative and focused on safety, we want all our attendees to feel comfortable.  Guidelines can change quickly, our web site shows our current protocols.  Here’s what we’re doing today, to keep us all safe and healthy:

  • We suggest those who are not fully vaccinated only take online classes at this time
  • Masks are required when inside our building
  • Our large classrooms allow everyone to stay at least 6 feet apart
  • Our landlord, the City of Marine on St. Croix, installed state-of-the-art ionization/filter systems throughout the entire building in 2020, specifically in response to the pandemic.Thank you Congress and our wonderful partner, the City of Marine on St. Croix!

All of us who enjoy using our hands and heads know the usefulness of just the right tool at the right time……our pandemic tools are a vaccine, masks, social distancing, and washing our hands. By using these tools we’ll be able to continue to come together and experience the joy of creating together!