In Support of Local News

Do you get your news from online sources or still enjoy getting ink-stained fingers from a physical newspaper? Whether or not you watch TV news every night at a certain time or catch up by subscribing to Twitter or podcasts probably depends upon which side of the age divide you fall.

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 We’re putting in a plug, Gentle Reader, for local news sources and journalists. Because of their professional training and interest, local journalists follow developing stories as well as local-interest happenings.  They highlight important news stories and follow up on previous articles, keeping us informed about what’s going on in our cities and neighborhoods.  Of course, national news is important, but what happens at the planning commission meeting or who will be appearing at the county fair or what business is moving in next door is really what we need to know.

Full disclosure: Marine Mills Folk School has benefited from our local media’s publicizing of upcoming events.  Since we began in 2018, we’ve relied on local publications and news sites to pass along announcements of our classes in their calendars and as news releases.  As a small nonprofit arts education organization, we need all the help we can get!  But we also know that the professionalism and thoroughness of journalists like Mary Divine of the Pioneer Press, Greta Kaul of MinnPost, Rachel Blount of the Star Tribune and many others help keep all of us informed, entertained, and involved citizens.   So subscribe to your local newspaper or news site, and keep all the news that’s fit to print, printed and available!

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