What’cha Doing This Summer?

Who knew that phrase could give us such a thrill? Cuz we are doing things this summer, hooray!  It wasn’t a ‘typical’ year and this is not a ‘normal’ summer, but many of us are taking the opportunity to re-connect with friends and family, and perhaps begin to do those things we missed during the depths of the pandemic. And guess what, experts say re-connecting and taking a break are just the things we should be doing!

photo credit: Ransford Quaye on unsplash.com

The Mayo Clinic notes the stress of the pandemic could lead to mental health issues (duh). One of their suggested self-care strategies to reduce stress and anxiety is to “relax and recharge,” something they advise on a daily basis by setting aside time for meditation, or deep breathing, or even making time for something as simple as a daily walk. But there’s also evidence that taking a vacation, getting away for a period of time, has strong benefits such as improved overall health, improved sleep, even improved productivity when you return. That evidence and those studies were completed pre-covid, we’re betting the benefits of relaxing and recharging would be off the charts if the studies were done today!

photo credit: Krisztina Papp on unsplash.com

Ever helpful, those of us at Marine Mills Folk School have a suggestion for taking a break…..take a class and share the joy of creating and learning! We’re offering a limited number of in-person/outside classes this summer and will be returning to a full schedule of classes beginning in October. In July try basket weaving a bike basket or learn some leatherworking techniques as you sew a market tote, and more.  In August we’ve got photography for kidsdrum makingdyeing using natural plantsnatural herbal remedies for good health and much more!

Why not plan a stay-cation – visit the St. Croix Valley for some classes, then explore William O’Brien Park, stop in to shop in Marine or Stillwater or St. Croix Falls, share a meal with your sweetie in Taylors Falls or Osceola or Marine. Get away, relax and recharge!

photo credit: Bill Stephan on unsplash.com

 We’re taking our own advice!  While we’re thrilled to be offering in-person classes again, we’re also making time to personally re-connect and relax. Do any of our plans inspire you? A trip to Montana, a jaunt to the North Shore, a visit from an international friend, a Boundary Waters trip (or two), a paddle down the St. Croix, sitting on the patio and breathing deeply — what are you doing this summer?  We’d love to see and hear your plans!

Cover photo credit: Taryn Manning on unsplash.com