Congrats to 2021 Graduates!

We’re sending our best wishes to 2021 high school and other graduates everywhere. This was not the last year of an educational experience that anyone would have wished for, that’s for sure.  Thanks to committed teachers and school staff, who faced 14 months of uncertainty and stress, students were able to persevere and reach the ‘finish line’.  Amazing job, everyone!

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 Thanks to vaccine scientists and manufacturers and health care professionals, this year families are able to have graduation open houses, Memorial Day picnics, and July 4th celebrations.  Remember how the best-case scenario for a vaccine was a minimum of 18-24 months away?  As you exchange a hug with someone you haven’t seen for over a year, or give a celebratory toast at an upcoming wedding, give a nod of acknowledgement to the hard work of so many people around the world who worked to make these safe and effective Covid-19 vaccines available and in people’s arms.

Last June, MMFS helped organize a socially distant, drive-through graduation party for Marine on St. Croix graduating high school seniors.  It was a small example of the strong Marine community – people coming together to support others.  This past year has been difficult for everyone, with the necessary focus on public safety, racial injustice, economic uncertainty, and inequality.  The bonds within our community, and probably within yours, have been tested and are frayed at the edges.  We are hopeful and optimistic our community, and yours, will continue to re-connect and strengthen together as we all emerge from the pandemic.

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