Featured Class: Coward in the Kitchen?

Lori is back teaching in the kitchen!  Spend an evening with this funny, talented cook as she encourages, cajoles and tickles the funny bone of every reluctant cook in your life.  Lori Powell Gordon loves to work with those who failed home sciences classes and/or took industrial arts! Would you rather do your taxes than spend time in the kitchen?  Know anyone more adept at pulling up a take-out menu than cutting up veggies for a delicious meal?  Take this first step toward saving money and gaining independence from having to drive to get your next meal.  You or that reluctant cook in your life will learn easy kitchen techniques and recipes, plus share in the fun.  Join Lori on June 17, register here!

Photo Credit: Dari Lli on unsplash.com

Cover photo credit: Becca Tapert on unsplash.com