Featured Class: Memory Bears

Memorial Day is always an important day for honoring those we have lost, but perhaps the pandemic has made it feel even more so.  Whether armed service veterans or simply beloved family members, each of us have people we remember and miss.  Celebrate family memories of those in your life today, or of someone who has died, by creating a Memory Bear.  Transform a t-shirt or uniform or piece of children’s clothing into a cuddly stuffed bear that will be loved for years. 

Longtime crafter, MMFS instructor, and Osceola teacher Laurelei Creuzer will be offering an online class on creating a Memory Bear. Whether using a favorite blanket of a child who has graduated from her crib, or something that reminds your family of someone who has died, your Memory Bear will be cherished.  Expecting a new baby in the family – how about a stuffed bear that incorporates fabric loved yet too worn to use anymore, from the new mom or dad? How about a unique soccer team or other sports team memento?  Join Laurelei on May 15 to create your bear and honor a special family member!

Photo Credit: Isabella and Louisa Fischer on unsplash.com