I Hear What You’re Saying

What makes our instructors such good teachers?  You, dear reader, probably know the reasons better than we do.  We’ll venture a couple of ideas — their empathy & their passion to share their skills.  Whether online or in-person, our instructors are good listeners, and they are encouraging and supportive as they guide participants through a project.  The fact that so many did the Covid Pivot to on-line Zoom teaching has been amazing, and we are grateful!

Photo Credit: Neonbrand on unsplash.com

 Think about the teachers you’ve had in your life, whether in a classroom setting or across a kitchen table.  Good teachers are authentic, interested in you, passionate about their subject matter, and happy to share their knowledge.  And while we know teaching online isn’t easy, we’ve seen that these are the same characteristics that make online classes successful.

Photo Credit: Rudy Hargecheimer

 Here’s a big thank you to all teachers, at colleges, secondary and primary schools, and everywhere, for your empathy and skills over this past year.  And thanks to Marine Mills Folk School artist-instructors who continue to help us find community and to find joy, in the crafting process.  We are SO looking forward to being with you in-person again soon.