Featured Class – How to Make Your Backyard More Bird Friendly

Many of us have found solace in nature, spending more time outside these past months.  Wondering what that little brown bird is?  Enjoying the distraction of watching birds at your feeder and wishing there were more?  Here’s the class for you!
Cathy Olyphant has been an enthusiastic birder for most of her life.  Currently a board member for the St. Croix Valley Bird Club, she’ll be sharing advice on how to make your backyard more bird-friendly.  Topics will include bird feed/seed, feeders, shrubs, perennials, and the importance of providing shelter from predators and the elements.  No matter how small or large your yard is, you’ll leave the class with ideas on how to make it more inviting for birds.
Cathy will share practical tips plus there will be plenty of time for your questions.  Need help with a bird id?  Wondering how to stop squirrels from stealing the bird seed?  On Saturday, February 27 bring those questions to a lively discussion about bird-friendly habitats.  Register Now!