Creating Community

Marine Mills Folk School is all about creating, whether offering a class for a novice spoon carver or for an experienced knitter.  We’re also focused on strengthening community, which often means offering classes where artists share their passion plus earn income as an instructor.  In the olden days of last spring, strengthening community involved welcoming supporters to Marine on St. Croix to join other life-long learners to share in the joy of creating and to experience the St. Croix Valley (and along the way support local businesses).

Photo Credit: Rudy Hargesheimer

 We will return to in-person classes.  But in the meantime, we’ve been heartened by the community created by our online class attendees.  You’ve brought joy and purpose to our instructors, who teach because they love encouraging people to grow.  You’ve made connections with other students, offering a supporting comment, or laughing over a mistake.  You’ve helped ensure our young organization, fueled by incredibly committed volunteers, will make it through the pandemic (knock on wood). All this is happening remotely, as you stay home.  Bet you didn’t know simply signing up for an interesting class would have that much impact!


The impact of the pandemic on our mental health is gaining more attention (CNNKaiser Family FoundationMayo Clinic) and mental health issues are sure to linger, even as more and more of us are vaccinated.  We believe Marine Mills Folk School has a role in improving the mental health of our instructors, students and community.  Working with our hands, losing ourselves in the creative process, connecting with others – all of these aspects of crafting support healing.

Photo Credit: Rudy Hargesheimer

 We know COVID cases and deaths are expected to continue to rise this spring, perhaps making these next few months the worst of the pandemic.  As horrible as that may be, count on Marine Mills Folk School to be there to help you cope, with more classes, with wonderful instructors, and with a supportive community.

cover photo credit: Rudy Hargesheimer