New Class: Writing Workshop – Less Is More

Can we pause and briefly gush about Amanda Gorman, who read her poem at the recent Biden Inauguration?  The messages she packed into just a few words, and her performance, were breathtaking. 

The ability to say much with little is a skill all writers aspire to, although few have the abilities of Ms. Gorman.  But all is not lost! On February 20, MMFS is offering a writing workshop with  favorite local writer and poet, Marge Barrett, on writing short-shorts (less than 1,000 words).  Marge will focus on achieving a maximum effect with a minimum of words.  Student work, as well as classic writing examples will be reviewed and analyzed.  Plus there will be time for participants to do their own writing and receive helpful criticism from fellow students and Marge.

PS  Also, don’t miss Marge’s March 20 Writer’s Workshop, where she plans to dive into Amanda’s poem in detail.

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