Featured Class: Beermaking Basics

Dreaming of sitting along the Danube, sipping an old-world beer?  People-watching in a café in Munich, with a stein of beer?  We can’t yet travel to Tokyo or a beach in Australia for some international beer, but here’s an activity for a cold winter’s night: learn what it takes to brew your own!  Peter Foster has been spreading the joys of home brewing from the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis to Marine on St. Croix for many years.  He’s inviting you to spend an evening of camaraderie and fun, exploring how to make quality beer in your own kitchen, or garage, or wherever.

Join Peter on Friday, February 12 for a demonstration and discussion class to review the process, equipment, time, expense plus cost savings, of home brewing.  He’ll provide an equipment checklist, suggestions for online resources, tips and more.  Prost!

photo credit: Pradynal Gandhi on Unsplash.com