New Class: Sweet Indulgences: Desserts and Wine Pairings

Here’s a chance to support two talented hospitality industry members while benefiting from their expertise and willingness to share their passions for food and wine. 

Join Chef Maggie Wescott and Sommelier Lisa Priest for an evening of delightful conversation around desserts, wines and the people who love them – you and me!  Maggie will guide participants in the making of three fabulous fruit-infused desserts (lemons and pears and raspberries, oh my).  At the same time, Lisa will invite everyone to sip and learn about dessert wines, from Moscato to Madeira.

On Thursday, February 11 you can start your Valentine’s Day weekend with Maggie and Lisa, have fun learning, cooking, and consuming, plus feel good about supporting these hard-working women during the pandemic.  Added bonus: invite your sweetie to join you as this class is 2-for-1 – each registration covers the attendance of two people.  Isn’t that a sweet deal?