Craft as Therapy?

We’ve all been looking forward to a new year and we’re still celebrating – Happy New Year! But the need to hunker down remains necessary, as it will take time for the vaccines to be made, shipped and injected into a majority of Americans.  We’re going to need to remain resilient and hopeful and generous, recognizing everyone involved in bringing the vaccine to each of us is doing the best they can do.

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The stress and pressure caused by the pandemic will continue for some time.   Could the act of creative expression be considered therapeutic and a technique to deal with pandemic stress, as it transports us away from our daily stresses? Digging into this is probably a job for academics, but the benefits of creating art and crafts seems therapeutic to us: gaining a sense of accomplishment and empowerment, providing a medium for discussion and understanding, plus personal catharsis (Indiana Univ.).

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 As we welcome 2021 with cautious hope, our mission has not changed – our online traditional skills classes are designed to create and strengthen connections between all of us.  We believe you can experience both a respite from stress, and joy through creating art, when you join our supportive community and our classes.  Best wishes in the new year, and we hope to see you soon!

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Want to explore more about making and experiencing art as a kind of therapy?  Here is an interesting article and a book.