Happy New Year!

New Year’s greetings from Marine Mills Folk School!  We doubt anyone is sorry to see 2020 end.  We wish you a healthy and safe new year, with plenty of opportunities to learn, and experience joy. And while the vaccination news is welcome and bringing optimism, most of us probably won’t receive the vaccine until next summer.  So please, continue to wear masks, stay socially distant and wash your hands frequently – we want to see you at a future class!

photo credit: uw.edu newsroom

 Doing our part to avoid COVID exposure will help ensure there are hospital beds available for those who need them – whether from an unexpected appendicitis, snowmobile accident, or COVID emergency.  As always, our continued thanks and best wishes to health care professionals and support staff, now and throughout 2021!

cover photo credit: Shireah Ragnar on unsplash.com