Give The Gift of Connections

All of us, in the northland – on the prairie – in the city, are trying to find solutions to stay sane and safe during our long, cold, pandemic winter.  Our class participants find laughter and learning during their online classes as they engage their hands, heads and hearts.  Give a gift certificate from Marine Mills Folk School to everyone on your list who could benefit from more connections this winter.  Then, encourage them to sign up for an online class with you, to share time together learning a new skill or perfecting an old one.

Here’s another idea: give a donation to Marine Mills Folk School, in honor of someone on your list, or in appreciation for our mission and community.  Your support could not come at a better time…along with many nonprofits, we lost significant revenue when we shut down in March. Your gift will help us continue to create opportunities for connections – now through our online classes, and at that dreamed-for time when we are able to be back together!