Math Lesson

When did you first learn about logarithmic and exponential functions?  6th grade? 7th grade?  Unfortunately students, and all of us, are experiencing the concept of exponential growth firsthand.  The number of COVID cases in the US doubled in November, to 4 million cases, surpassing the record of 1.9 million cases set in October (NY Times, 11/28/20). And there is deep concern the rate of growth will continue to advance in December.

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 Local doctors and nurses are imploring Minnesotans to reduce the spread of Covid-19: wear masks, avoid crowds and stay socially distant (“The front line is failing us..”  Nurses and other health care workers are exhausted as they are asked to care for more and more patients who are very sick due to delays in seeking care, or from Covid.  All of us, our families, and our neighbors, can and must help these health care heroes by staying close to home.

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 Looking for another way to help?  As the pandemic has continued, pick-me-up gifts for hospital staff (free lunches, cookies, and other snacks) from well-wishers have dropped off.  Consider helping both a local restaurant and hospital workers by ordering take-out food for delivery.  Call your local hospital first, to confirm how to make sure your gift makes it the workers who will most benefit from this token of appreciation.  And please, be careful and be safe.

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 PS Live in the St. Croix Valley?  ‘Marine Cares’ is a group of locals who are encouraging donations of handmade gifts, hand-written cards and gift certificates for health care families in our communities. Find out where to drop your donations at

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