Happy Birthday To Us!

This week is the second anniversary of the opening of Marine Mills Folk School.  Like everything else in 2020, our birthday plans changed.  We had a free concert lined up with Beyonce, Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift, and Gordon Ramsay had agreed to fly in from London and give a gentle and supportive lesson on baking the best birthday cake.  It was going to be epic!

While there is no celebration event planned this year, you are all on our minds: our instructors, our volunteers, our students and our supporters….and many of you fall into every category!  We are grateful for all of you.  We couldn’t have gotten to our second birthday without you, and together with you we will keep moving forward, focused on our mission.

Our birthday request: line up a dance tune on your phone (or even an old LP), crank up the sound and dance! Wish us a ‘Happy Birthday’ as you let loose and momentarily celebrate: the day, the season, your resiliency.  Then, make plans to join all of us at Marine Mills Folk School next year, when we are able to gather together.  Happy Birthday!