Poster Child: ‘Non’ in Non-Profit

Like everyone, we were thrown for a loop in mid-March when Covid 19 hit.  Our plans were right on track: bringing more and more people together to share creative craft pursuits, supporting local artists, strengthening our region by welcoming visitors to the area.  And then wham!

 We were making such a positive impact, and we’ve got the numbers to support our claim.  But those numbers don’t matter, at least for now.  For now, with essentially no revenue, we’ve  been trying to strategically use our savings to, metaphorically speaking, keep the lights on until we can all get back together.  And we will get back together!

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 The time has come to ask for help, we can’t do this alone.  You know we’re almost entirely volunteer-driven and penny-pinching besides.  But we’ve got expenses (things like insurance, marketing costs, admin expenses) that we can’t avoid.  We’ve never pushed for help before, but then again, we’ve never gone through a pandemic before, either.

We think our strengths as an organization are exactly what will be needed as we emerge from the pandemic.  A place to reconnect, a place to heal through creativity and using your hands, and a place to find support and laughter.  If you agree, if you want to help ensure that Marine Mills Folk School survives and thrives, please help us with your financial support.  Your gift, no matter what the size, will absolutely make a difference.  We will get through this, together!

Please give now!

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