Online Classes

As we announced last week, MMFS is excited to begin offering online classes.  Always been interested in spoon carving?  Join Erik and Michele for an online discussion and review of their path to spoon carving and their woodworking studio, see examples of their work, and learn more about what is involved to carve a traditional wooden spoon.  You may then decide to join their monthly online carving sessions, where you can receive coaching during at-home spoon carving.  This is a wonderful opportunity to meet and spend ‘virtual’ time with these talented woodworking artists, ask them questions and join their spoon carving ‘team.’ We think this is a ‘make lemonade’ moment – share time with these fabulous artists and other like-minded novice woodcarvers, in your pajamas!

Photo Credit: Submitted by Digital Photography Student
Carl Wegener has moved his popular ‘digital photography for kids’ classes online!  And he has generously teamed up with MMFS to offer a special discount to the families of essential health care workers.  If you work as a health care worker, you can sign up your child for free!  Or better yet, sign up as an intergenerational team and create a wonderful, positive, memory together with your young photography partner. More information here.

Photo Credit: Carl Wegener
Pursue your interest in sustainability and join instructor Cara Corey in her mission to save money and reduce plastic waste!  Make your own natural food wraps with fabric and melted beeswax.  These wraps are re-usable, lasting through many uses. 

Photo Credit: Cara Corey
Our online classes are limited but we’re hoping to generate an avalanche of new and varied online classes!  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram or check out our web site for new classes which may have been added to the schedule.   Fight Covid boredom and stress, enrich your life, and support our wonderful artist-instructors, all with one class registration!  Tell your friends! Perhaps even consider teaching a class yourself.  We are committed to the long term sustainability of Marine Mills Folk School and our communities.  We are in this together.

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