Online Resources – State Fair Time!

Most of us are sad we can’t attend the Minnesota State Fair this year.  Don’t despair — here are some suggestions to help you celebrate Minnesota agriculture, healthy food (or not) and crafts in a socially distant-kind-of-way. Get out the microphone and create  your own Grandstand karaoke show!  Bake an award winning chocolate cake in your own kitchen! Get creative and have fun.

  • Did you sign up to participate in the Minnesota State Fair Food Parade? If not, there are no tickets left but here’s Plan B:  Make your own mini-donuts, pour some glasses of cold root beer and finally, open a jar of dill pickles and skewer each pickle with a stick.  Set up tables in your yard and invite your family to dig in as they tell stories about their favorite fair activities
  • Missing the Fine Arts Building? The Minneapolis Institute of Art has recently re-opened, head on over for a (timed) visit
  • What earns that small dish of cucumbers a blue ribbon, while the next group over doesn’t win?  We’re never quite sure, but you can judge for yourself and bring home the produce at the Scandia Farmers Market on Wednesdays from 3:30 – 6:30 pm or at the White Bear Farmers Market, every Friday morning, 8 – noon
  • You won’t have to miss the butter carving of Princess Kay of the Milky Way and her court!  The carving will be live streamed beginning today August 13.  Really, we’re not kidding
  • Create your own Machinery Hill this week when you cut the grass!
  • Is your favorite place to visit the animal barns? Get ready for next year’s competition by reading up on how rabbits are judged or if you have a lot of time on your hands, you can watch an earnest 4-H’er from South Dakota give a tutorial on showing rabbits
  • You can still submit an entry to the State Fair until August 28 for the following virtual categories: cookie decorating, crop art, K-12 Art & Photography, Quilt On A Stick.  Compete for the honor, and in some categories, for two tickets to next year’s state fair
  • What will you be missing from the Minnesota State Fair?  What’s your favorite food? Favorite activity?  Let us know!

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