Hi from Kirsten!

I am not sure about you but it sure seems to me that many, many of us are on the edge.  By that I mean not happy, angry, short tempered, focused on what they can’t do or what they have to do.  I see it on the road while I am driving, I see it in the grocery store … actually, I see it pretty much everywhere.

And it scares me because it seems like it just is so easy for some to be so unkind.  So easy to yell at someone trying to walk across the street, or someone asking you to keep the community safe.

Photo Credit: Elisabeth Fredriksson on photocircle.net

 I choose kindness.  Some may call it gratitude, politeness, caring, understanding, thoughtful, philanthropic…my dad always just said “Be nice.  That is where the magic is.”   And he was right.

Now am I always nice?…no…I can safely say there are times when my niceness wears thin.  To be honest, there are times I have to take a second and think before I react.  Everyone is like that.  But in these times it is so important to take a minute and think….before we react.

Photo Credit: ActionforHappiness on twitter.com
Marine Mills Folk School has been in the business of creating community.  And Marine Mills Folk School has continued to create community, just a bit differently these past months.  A community is where you can plop yourself down and relax, learn, converse, share, smile, laugh, cry, admit you are so scared, or ask for help.  Community is where you can just be.

So when you find yourself between the choice of being angry or mean or being kind, take a minute, and remember, the magic is in being nice!

Kirsten Skoglund is the Program Coordinator for the Marine Mills Folk School and from time to time, writes the newsletter.  If you would like to contact her, her email is kirsten.skoglund@marinemillsfolkschool.org.