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I started baking bread a very long time ago. One of my bread baking mentors suggested that I read about baking bread in a Jane Brody cookbook of the time. One quote in the bread section of this book was “Don’t ever let the yeast intimidate you!” I have never forgotten that and decided on that day I would live by that….and my bread baking has always been much easier.

Here is a selection of various how to’s and recipes on baking bread.

The Perfect Loaf is a website created by a gentleman who is a software engineer-turned-baker living in Albuquerque, NM. This website is full of ideas and suggestions on how to start bread baking.

The Easiest Bread You Will Ever Make by The Prairie Homestead, a woman who shares her passion for cooking from scratch. Her platform is YouTube and on her channel she does just about everything. Pretty fun viewing.

Did you ever think about making crackers? Here is a recipe and how to do just that. Try it.

How to make Easy Flatbread Crackers to include with a fresh garden salad. Yum!

The Sourdough Podcast – Mike Hilburn started learning about Sourdough in 2013 and now in 2020 along with is podcast he has opened his own cottage bakery.

Bake with your kids.

Make bread into animals.