Challenge: Burma Shave-Inspired Covid Reminders

MMFS participant and founder of Minnesota Children’s Press, Anne Brataas, is working with kids at the Grand Marais YMCA ‘Story Scouts’ on a fun project to create Covid health reminders. Drawing from history, the students and their adult mentors are creating groups of 4 signs to communicate a health message to drivers heading out to the Gunflint Trail. These small signs are similar to the Burma Shave advertising and safety messages that appeared along highways as interstate travel increased in the 1930 – 50’s. Here are some recent messages found in Grand Marais:

So all stay safe
This tiny ask
For indoor shopping
Wear a mask

The gulls up here
All play it smart
They always fly
Six feet apart

While giving full credit to Anne and her husband Kip, this story got us thinking. We’re sure MMFS supporters may have a few clever jingles of their own. Send your Covid “Burma Shave” 4 -part messages to, we’d love to see them!

Photo Credit: Mike Chasar on Columbia University Press Blog