On-line Resources for Information, Things To Do, Etc.

We’ve been asking folks for interesting web sites, here’s a list of some random, but fun, sites that can absorb as little or as much time as you have. Got some recommendations on sites you’ve discovered? Send ‘em our way and we’ll include in a future newsletter.

  • The British Museum is simply amazing. Their Curator’s Corner includes ‘How Clocks Work’ and ‘Gems, Rings and Lapidaries’. Just listening to the curators talk on the featured videos will warm the cockles of any Anglophile’s heart.
  • It’s Alive with Brad series on the Bon Appetit YouTube channel. Sure to fascinate any food chemists in the house with subjects such as making fermented garlic honey, and cooking with moldy rice.
  • Want to make a Byzantine Sun Dial-Calendar? We knew you did. Clickspring is the quirky site of a maker in Australia, Chris, who became fascinated in clockmaking. Really interesting.
  • The Art Assignment is a PBS Digital Studios web series focused on making contemporary art accessible. The host, Sarah, meets artists throughout the US to discuss their work, and the artists then give an ‘assignment’ to the audience, who learn through their participation.
  • Always wanted to learn how to play chess? Perhaps a pandemic is the perfect time.
  • Every day at 2 pm cst/3 est, the Fenway Park organist Josh Kantor plays requests on his home electronic organ. Sounds kooky, it is surprisingly engaging and fun and a link to baseball and summer, with followers from across the country.

photo credit: BritishMuseum.com