Recalibrating Expectations

How do you define happiness these days? The pandemic has forced us all to change our daily schedules and focus on different priorities. We’ve had to accept a larger degree of uncertainty than we were comfortable with in the olden days….say six weeks ago. Each of us has a varying ability to live with that uncertainty, but it seems clear all of us have been permanently affected by the trauma and fear brought on by Covid-19.

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Silver Lining Department: we have an opportunity to figure out what is important to us and what brings us happiness. Maybe you looked forward to meeting friends for dinner or planning an exotic trip. While we all are excited to return to those activities, perhaps your definition of happiness has pivoted to Facetiming with your grandkids, or baking cinnamon rolls, or taking a walk in the woods. As our expectations have been changed, we have the chance to understand what are truly the important relationships and activities in our lives.

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We don’t mean to ignore the tremendous stress that people are living under, or to be unrealistically Pollyanna-ish. But MMFS was founded on the belief that we are all life-long learners, and we believe redefining our expectations and priorities is a way to face the uncertainty in our lives and grow stronger.

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As an organization we were disappointed to have to cancel more classes this week. Minnesota families and teachers were disappointed to learn that remote learning would continue for the rest of the school year. These and other disappointments are adding up. But changing our expectations and redefining what brings us happiness each day will allow us to keep up the good fight, as we continue to focus on keeping our families, our neighbors and our health care workers safe as life slowly expands in this Covid-19 era.

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