The Art of Letter Writing

As a follow-up to the idea of letter writing as a way to connect, we heard from Erin Maher, an enthusiast and founder of the St. Croix Letter Writing Club:

While we physically distance ourselves during this moment in history, many would argue that finding time to socialize has become even more important. Why not try something “old school” and send some mail? A piece of mail is so much more than paper – in it is a little bit of love from the sender, a tangible thought that tells the person “I’m thinking of you”. Some may say it’s a lost art… all the more reason to bring it back to life! If you aren’t sure what to write, the St. Croix Letter Writing Club provides letter-writing prompts and other mail-related inspiration on their Instagram (@stcroixletterwritingclub2) and Facebook pages (St. Croix Letter Writing Club).