Hanging In There

Photo Credit: Mish Vizesi on Unsplash.com

Our combined efforts to help slow the spread of Covid-19 are working. In Minnesota, the Governor noted this past Sunday that staying at home is making a difference. However, the stress and inconvenience within our daily lives sometimes hides this bigger picture. So take a minute to pat yourself on the back, recognizing we have a long way to go.

Photo Credit: Mathyas Kurman on Unsplash.com
Folk schools are all about creating community and connections. So it is no surprise to us that studies have shown that helping others benefits you, in terms of increased happiness and reduced anxiety. But how to help others in this time of social distancing? Maybe send a card to a friend, it’s a lovely surprise to receive a hand-written note. Donate to a local non-profit that is doing a good job, or to your church, or to a local food shelf – even a small amount makes an impact. Another suggestion, donate blood. Do what you are comfortable doing, but we’re certain even saying hi to a stranger, or picking up litter, or another simple gesture will make a difference plus will make you feel better.

Photo Credit: Rudi Hargesheimer
 Many thanks to Rudi Hargesheimer for generously letting us feature some of his wildlife pictures this week – we know your blood pressure will drop and your happiness quotient will increase, just by looking at them. We’re also continuing to share resources that we think you may find useful – this week we’re focusing on fiber: knitting, crocheting, sewing masks, making Easter bonnets and more.

Speaking of crafting, here’s what our board member Emily Anderson shared this past week, as she looked forward to our return to offering more great classes and more opportunities to make connections – stay safe and as always, thanks for your support:

I’m most looking forward to the folk school opening again because the thought of it feels like home. In a time where our day to day has completely changed… the idea of having a moment, somewhere down the road when we can fearlessly get together in a space and share our knowledge, or learn something new together over a cup of coffee or tea, smile and laugh, listen to a story, come to understand something  we thought we could never understand…. it just feels like home. Comfort. Peace. Happiness. Togetherness.

Photo Credit: Rudi Hargesheimer