Hand-Craft Your Easter Bonnet/Spring Hat!

Channel your inner Judy Garland and hand craft an Easter bonnet (or Spring hat or April headband) using materials you have at hand. Then, on Easter Sunday, April 12, head outside to ‘parade’ in your back yard, or take a walk, and show off your hat. Wave virtually, or across the street, as you amaze your neighbors with your creativity. How about a hat for your dog, your doll, your hamster?

Photo Credit: https://ballaratfoto.org/
Be sure to send us a picture of your hat, info@marinemillsfolkschool.org, and we’ll post it. We’ll be asking for help to decide which hat wins our ‘Most Creative’ award on our Facebook page. And whether you wear your hat at a virtual parade, or on a walk, we can’t wait to see what you design!