We May Be Closed But We Are Still Connected!

In following our mission to support our community and strengthen connections, and our belief in the restorative value of our natural environment, we invite those who are local to the folk school to join us for a walk this upcoming Saturday. The recent ‘Stay At Home’ action by Governor Walz specifically allows us to continue outdoor activities, but we will maintain a strict ‘social distance’ of 6 feet between walkers.  We will walk for about an hour in the fresh air, appreciate the beauty of nature, and help keep our spirits up in this uncertain time. And if you can’t join us in person, we encourage  you to join us in spirit and walk on Saturday morning.

Locals, please join us!

Where:   Meet in the parking lot of the folk school:   550 Pine Street, Marine on St. Croix 55047
When:  Saturday, March 28 at 9 am, and probably continuing most Saturdays – check our Facebook page