Thank You Mr. Wegener!

If you get the chance, stop by and see the new photos we’ve recently installed in our gallery (often known as a hallway). They are thanks to Carl Wegener, our digital photography instructor who chose some of his beautiful photographs (plus a few others) to display the magic that goes on at Marine Mills Folk School.  We are so appreciative of these new additions to our space, plus appreciative of everything else he does for our school!

Speaking of our intergenerational Digital Photography for Kids with Carl Wegener…our next 2-day class begins on March 21. Carl is always working to make the class resonate with his young students, he recently added the use of computers during class, which turned out to be very popular. If you’ve got a young person in your life who might benefit from more art and less screen time, we can’t recommend this class enough. The young photographers leave their classes smiling, enthusiastic and ready to explore their worlds through the camera lens. Here’s a video of recent pictures, taken by the students!